Town Ice Rink Center
in Nowy Targ

Town Ice Rink Center Regulations

Town Ice Rink Center consists of:

  1. Rink size: 60x30m
  2. The audience with 2,362 seats
  3. Gym hall sizes: 23x11m; 16x9m
  4. Sauna and swimming pool with biological renewal center
  5. Gym
  6. Changing room
  7. Cafeteria lounge bar
  8. The director's room and the VIP room

§ 1

  1. 1. Town Ice Rink Center building is owned by the Municipal Council of Nowy Targ, which is the administrator of the Municipal Sports and Recreation Center (hereinafter referred to as MCSiR) in Nowy Targ Pl. Every 4.
  2. The facility is open daily from 7am till 11pm.
  3. Every person entering the premises is obliged to familiarize themselves with and to apply to the provisions of these Regulations and current resolutions on premises of Town Ice Rink Center.
  4. The Regulations of the Town Ice Rink Center are displayed at each entrance to the premises of the Town Ice Rink Center, in the MCSiR’s secretary office and on the website
  5. The use of ice rink, changing rooms, sports gym halls, gyms, sauna is adjusted according to the schedule of ice hockey training groups, floorball, football, karate and public elementary and secondary schools, public skating rink, amateur teams and league games.
    • the schedule is posted on the board every Friday preceding the calendar week
    • opening hours and sporting activities included in the schedule may change as a result of chance events, schedule adjustments, held competitions
  6. The facility of the Town Ice Rink Center is available to the public only during sporting events, games and events organized by MCSiR.

§ 2

  1. The following items must not be brought into the facility:
    • alcoholic beverages;
    • narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances;
    • dangerous objects;
    • all types of guns;
    • items that can be used as a weapon or missile;
    • containers for spraying gas, corrosives or coloring substances;
    • fireworks, firecrackers and other pyrotechnic items;
    • flagpoles and banners;
    • Instruments for the production of power driven noise;
  2. Questionable items can be collected at the entrance, without the right to return, by staff of the City Ice Hall.
  3. On the premises of Town Ice Rink Center it is forbidden to:
    • enter the sectors and areas, which are not intended for third parties;
    • throw objects;
    • use vulgar or offensive vocabulary and insulting others;
    • light fireworks or firecrackers
    • sell goods without permission, distribute prints, leaflets or conduct fund-raising activities without the consent of the MCSiR’s management;
    • write on buildings, equipment or the roads, paint and stick on them;
    • litter the facility;
    • cover or mask the face to prevent identification;
    • display flags or banners with abusive or provocative content;
    • enter with animals
    • cycle and carry a bike into the premises.
  4. In case of suspicion that a person brings or possesses prohibited objects, most notably dangerous objects, explosives and pyrotechnics, alcoholic beverages, narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, an employee of the Town Ice Rink Center has the right to hold the suspect and to call the police.
  5. MCSiR reserves the right to refuse the entrance to any person who acts aggressively, provocatively or otherwise poses a threat to safety and order. Persons who are intoxicated or are at risk of violating order and safety will not be allowed into the ice rink.

§ 3

  1. People staying in the Town Ice Rink Center should behave in such a way that does not disturb and does not endanger others.
  2. Entrances, exits and emergency routes cannot be encumbered or blocked.
  3. It is forbidden to make films and radio recordings or to take photographs without the consent of MCSiR’s management.

§ 4

  1. Persons who violate safety and order rules in the Town Ice Rink Center can be held liable for criminal or administrative penalties.
  2. MCSiR reserves the right to remove from the area of the Town Ice Rink Center by the Town Guards or the Police, any person not complying with the above Regulations or safety rules or whose presence in the Center could be a source of threats to others.
  3. In relation to those, who violate the provisions of these regulations the entry ban may be issued.
  4. The Town Ice Rink Center is equipped with a video surveillance system to identify people violating these regulations.
  5. The entrance to the stands is possible only during sports competitions and other events with audience participation.

§ 5

  1. Training sessions can be carried out only by trainers and instructors with valid qualifications.
  2. At least half an hour before the training, the instructor must supervise the pupils on the premises and be in charge until the last competitor from the given group leaves the facility.
  3. Trainings can be carried out only in designated areas, i.e. ice rink, gym, sports hall.
  4. Participants of the training activities are prohibited from entering the premises for technical equipment and other areas.
  5. It is forbidden to arrange games and plays at the ticket offices, in changing rooms or in the corridors.
  6. Unauthorized service staying in the players’ boxes or near the ice rink during sport activities on ice is not allowed.
  7. It is strictly forbidden to stay on the ice rink during the work of an ice resurfacer.
  8. The duties of the trainer after the completion of the activities include checking if windows /doors have been closed, lights in changing rooms have been turned off, electrical equipment has been turned off.The coach must leave the changing room as the last one.
  9. Having the keys to the changing rooms by anyone other than the trainer or supervisor appointed by the management is not allowed.
  10. Any irregularities and defects in the facility should be reported to any employee of the ice hall immediately.
  11. Spare keys to all rooms where trainings take place must be kept in a locked case in the lodge.

§ 6

  1. 1. Entering the Center during the opening hours of ice skating rink is allowed on the basis of on the valid ticket. The obligation to have an admission ticket applies to people using the ice rink.
  2. 2. During the ice skating rink sessions, participants are obliged to comply with the present rules and regulations being an integral part of these regulations (Annex to the regulations).

§ 7

Other sports, cultural and entertainment events are carried out in accordance with the regulations prepared separately.

§ 8

Users of the ice rink are required to to familiarize themselves with the fire instructions and OHS Code placed on the premises.

§ 9

Terms and conditions apply in the Town Ice Rink Center in Nowy Targ, 14 Parkowa Street. Those staying in the ice rink are subject to the generally applied law, Polish and international sports organizations and these regulations.

Entering the ice hall is unequivocal with the acceptance of Regulations of the facility

§ 10

An integral part of these regulations are:

  • rules of using changing rooms,
  • ice skating rink rules and regulations,
  • fire instructions.

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